Please read carefully the following guidelines. They will help you to manage your account and your submission(s).

You must have an account to use this system. As an user, you are uniquely identified by your email. It can be changed, but the general rule in MyReview submission system is that there cannot exist two users with the same email.

Are you already registered as an user? You may be already known as a user, even if you are not aware of it. For instance:

  1. You are a reviewer for this event, and the administrator created an account for you.
  2. You already proposed a submission in the past, and your account still exists.
  3. You are an author of a submission created by another user.
Before creating an account you can check whether you are already registered.

When your account is created, you can log in the system, submit one or several papers, and manage your profile and the list of your submissions.